Shave Off A Bit Of Clutter

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How can I avoid overpacking?

Shave Off A Bit Of Clutter

According to a World Bank Report, municipalities in developing countries have to spend up to 50 percent of their budget to cope with waste management, which also explains why some waste is not even collected. Here are some tips to cutting the clutter when traveling, and helping to limit the waste management costs in developing countries:

  • Don't clutter your suitcase - or foreign garbage cans- with disposable razors. Buy rechargeable razors that only require new blades.
  • Before you toss the empty shampoo bottle, remind yourself that the locals have enough of their own plastic waste to manage. Some types of plastic can take almost a century to break down.
  • Place liquids, like shampoo and shower gel, in small, leak-proof bottles made for traveling. If you take only what you need, you won't have to worry about lugging things back home. You'll return with lightweight travel containers that you'll want to reuse.



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