Go Beyond Appreciating Nature: Activist Trips

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Are there any trips that can train me to be a spokesperson for environmental issues?

Go Beyond Appreciating Nature: Activist Trips

You have several options for tours that guide you through issues as well as images.

  • Sierra Club Activist Outings take you beyond enjoying nature to protecting it with political action. You'll be introduced to the issues that threaten the habitat and to strategies for raising awareness, such as publicity campaigns and lobbying. One example is The Sequoia National Monument Trip in California, where you'll learn about forest management and “walk among the giants.” Logging, building and burning are encroaching on the forest, and the activist tools you acquire can equip you to join the Sierra Club's campaign to preserve this habitat. You'll need to bring a tent and sleeping bag, but food will be provided during the six-day activity priced at $395.
  • Global Exchange lists trips that confront environmental issues head on and that enable visitors to meet with local stakeholders. Go deeper into the rainforest by exploring how unrestrained tourism can erode certain ecosystems and strain the land and water resources available to local communities. You'll learn about the deforestation caused by multinational fruit companies and cattle industries, and meet with local leaders and indigenous communities to discover sustainable alternatives to eco-exploitation. You'll be introduced to Afro-Caribbean history, culture and herbalism. The $1500 tour includes two meals a day, background reading materials and accommodation for two weeks.



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