Take The Plunge: Scuba Diving Adventures

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Do I need to have any certification to go on a scuba diving tour?

Take The Plunge: Scuba Diving Adventures

You need PADI Open Water Certification (or the equivalent) if you want to dive without the supervision of a professional. Even then, you can only dive in the day time in less than 60 feet of water. You need more adavnced training to go deeper or to dive at night.

  • Beautiful Oceans offers online courses about coral reef ecology and on-site diving and scuba lessons at dive centers in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. You can take more specialized courses at these centers, such as underwater photography.
  • Responsibletravel.com provides a directory to scuba diving adventures as well, such the package offered by the Utila Resort in the Honduras. The resort is nestled between coconut palms and fruit trees, and the shallow fringed reef on the south side of Utila is good for beginning divers. This is the home of dolphins, manta rays and giant sponges. You get access to unlimited snorkeling, and if you have diver qualifications, unlimited diving. No more than 20 guests stay here at a time, so the activty's impact on the environment is controlled. An eight-day package including room and board costs between $750 and $1495, depending on the options you choose.
  • For $165 per person, Port Douglas Reef Charters offers one days's exploration of the Great Barrier Reef in the company of a marine biologist.



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