Look At The Whole Picture

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How do I know if a company is really eco-friendly or is just window-dressing?

Look At The Whole Picture

If you're choosing a company according to the award it received, it's best to examine the criteria applied to that recognition. Some awards are granted to companies simply because they allow customers to reuse towels for one more day. Their heating and cooling systems may be outdated, and they may use non-recyclable plastics, but that wasn't part of the criteria for the award.

  • A good environmental program should include initiatives for reducing, recycling, habitat protection and species conservation;
  • Another factor to consider is who is granting the award. Was it an independent third party or someone from the same industry?
  • Source Watch at http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Greenwashing, busts companies that misrepresent themselves as environmentally friendly. The site provides access to a list of major offenders and exposes some of the strategies companies use to cloak themselves in green.
  • Case studies include corporate courting of environmental groups to create mutually beneficial partnerships and attractive advertising that juxtaposes natural images with a company`s logo and name.



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