Borrow The Community Car

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If I only need a car a few times a year, are there cheaper options than car rental?

Borrow The Community Car

You don't need to own a car to travel around in the city. provides links to "car sharing" organizations all over Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. This isn't the same thing as car pooling. With car sharing:

  • You can have the car to yourself when driving, but the car is shared by a network of members. It's generally cheaper than regular car rental since it's run by non-profit cooperatives, insurance and fuel costs are included in the price, and you can rent by the hour as well as by the day.
  • Car pooling is even better since a shared car can replace up to six individual cars. The Sierra Club of Canada reports that each new car pool saves about 2000 litres of gasoline a year.



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