Join Research Expeditions

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Do I have to be scientist to be allowed to join a research expedition?

Join Research Expeditions

This is not a requirement since many of these projects provide specialized training to help you carry out your tasks efficiently:

  • ( lists several exciting conservation opportunities that teach you what you need to know. The Lion Monitoring Expedition in South Africa includes training in radio tracking animals, navigation techniques, using a GPS and animal identification. These skills will help you research the sustainability of large predators as you monitor their movement and their interaction with prey species. A 14-day stay with room and board costs $1895.
  • Earthwatch ( also runs research expeditions that rely on the help of international volunteers. Your training for the Bahamian Reef Survey Expedition will include learning to take reef measurements, to test water chemistry and to map corals in tide pools. "Professsional devlopment" is offered during the evening in the form of films and lectures. Room, board and training cost $2249 for eight days.



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