Yoga Tours

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How is an eco-yoga tour different from any other yoga tour?

Yoga Tours

Yoga trains you to look inward while eco tours encourage you to look outward and appreciate what you see. The following tours aim to make one experience enhance the other:

  • Go differently ( lists a yoga holiday in India, which begins with a walk along the Ganges River, followed by yoga and meditation sessions. During the evening, you can particpate in a prayer ceremony by the river. Ayuverdic specialists are on hand to offer massages and reiki (energy healing). Midway through the tour you'll travel to Rishikesh where you can roam the foothills of the Himalayas and receive a rejuvenating massage and steam-bath treatment. There will also be time for water sports. Nine days of of ayurvedic meals and accommodation at ashrams and hotels costs about $1,770.
  • also lists yoga holidays, including ( a detox week by the seaside in Greece. Cleanse your body from the inside out with healing juices and an organic vegetarian diet. Feed your mind with nutrition, meditation and yoga lessons.The retreat costs $4971 with room and board included, and additonal sessions, such as shiasu massage, reiki, and life coaching can be added on for an extra fee.
  • Yoga Travel ( run eco-yoga tours in the Middle East, most of which cost between $750 to $850 for a week, including room and board. Guests are schooled in good eco manners and the compnay itself only hires locals.



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