Study The Car-Free Models

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Are there any cities I could visit to see green living applied on a large scale?

Study The Car-Free Models

Since you may not be visiting a city long enough to examine its entire infrastructure, the most obvious elements of urban design will probably be the most memorable. For that reason, you may find it inspiring to visit a car free-city, where one or more large neighborhoods are closed to motor vehicles.

The following places are entirely free of motorized vehicles (except for occasional public utility vehicles).

  • Lindos in Rhodes: the city is rich in ancient ruins, which no doubt benefit from reduced air pollution.
  • Ile de Bréhat in Bretgane, France: the town is known for its attractive pink granite, famous lighthouses and mild micro-climate.
  • Rottnest Australia: Rottnest is classified as a wildlife reserve. Its reefs and beaches are popular with divers and swimmers.



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