Preserve And Play: Conservation Holidays

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If I volunteer for conservation projects, will I still have enough time to visit the surrounding region?

Preserve And Play: Conservation Holidays

These projects are called conservation holidays for a reason. It's understood that volunteers will have a chance to combine work with exploration of new regions. As such, free time for both scheduled and unscheduled visits is incorporated into the workday. The following are just a few examples of conservation holidays:

  • British Trust for Conservation Volunteers( runs projects in such far flung places as Bulgaria, Japan, Italy, Kenya, Romania and New Zealand. How about spending March Break in New Zealand with a Maori tribe? The project involves restoring an important wetland used for food collecting. Time off includes swimming, hiking in the mountains and visiting seal and penguin colonies. The trip costs about $1270 for a week, with meals and lodging in a traditional Maori meeting hall included..
  • The Sierra Club( offers conservation opportunities in North America through its service projects. The Snowmass Project in Colorado involves clearing hiking trails and creating new winter habitat areas for small animals. Time off includes hiking, skating or riding the gondola. The trip costs $395 for seven days with meals included. (Participants bring their own tents.)



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