Listen To Your Native Elders

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Are there any tours that allow me to experience the traditional North American native lifestyle?

Listen To Your Native Elders

If you want to see the world through native eyes, find a tour that inlcudes storytelling; this culture is graced by a rich oral tradition. The following tours incorporate native lore and language.

  • The Iroquois Longhouse Experience, Ontario, invites you to slip into Mohawk culture in a 24-foot fur trader canoe. Then you'll hike up to Kanata Village where native guides will introduce you to their history, dances and language. Your day draws to a close with a native story teller and an overnight stay at the Longhouse Palisade. The two-day journey costs $118 with meals and lodging included.
  • Aboriginal Tourism in Canada is the portal to retreats, homestays and cultural programs all over Canada. Kootenay Wilderness Tours in British Columbia, for example, offers a one week Spirit Walker Tour that includes several days of hiking and rafting with a native guide, and two days of nature walks and talks with a native elder. Visistors will be invited to participate in traditional healing and cleansing rituals and will partake of home-cooked meals. The trip costs about $1680.
  • lists some native tours available in the U.S.



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