Hail A Hybrid

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Question: Can I get an eco-friendly cab ride?.

Hail A Hybrid

If you just need a cab to get to and from the airport or train station, there are environmentally friendly options. Here are a few low-emission examples:

  • PlanetTran provides individuals and organization with scheduled car service using hybrids. They mostly serve New England and the San Francisco Bay area. Call 1 -877- ECO-TAXI. or visit www.planetran.com. Try www.greentrans.com for Portland.
  • If you need a cab in London, you can get picked up in a Prius by Green Tomato Cars (www.greentomatocars.com or 020 8748 8881).
  • In B.C.,Canada, Yellow Cab in Vancouver (604/681-1111 or www.yellowcabonline.com/index2.html) has a fleet of hybrid taxis on call, as does Empress Taxi (www.empresstaxi.com or 1-800-808-6881) in Victoria. Just request one for your pick up.
  • In Melbourne, Australia a fleet of pedal-electric cabs (www.citybike.com.au) offer guided tours and pickup service.
  • Taxi companies in other cities like New York, Boston and Calgary have introduced some hybrids into their fleets. Once again, it's up to the customer to ask for one.



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