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Can I rent anything other than a gas-powered car?

Drive Change

If you're renting a car, look for hybrid options that switch to battery power for stop-and-go city driving. They are sometimes more expensive to rent, but you'll save gas.

  • EV Rental Cars ( or 877-EV-RENTAL), available at nine American airports, leases electric, natural gas, and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • In Canada, you can rent a Prius from the National Discount Car and Truck Rental chain ( ) and from Viaroute,( or 514-871-1166 for downtown Montreal) in Quebec.
  • If you think the hybrid will cost too much for your budget, investigate other fuel efficient options. Check out the Green Vehicle Guide( for suggested models. The Environmental Protection Agency scores the cars according to fuel efficiency and production of greenhouse gases. Hybrids get high scores, but some non-hybrids make it to the list as well: Mazda 3 gets high marks in the small car category and Honda Accord takes the prize for family sedans
  • U.S. residents may want to investigate joining the Better World Auto Club ( Members can take advantage of eco-travel services, discounts on hybrid and biodiesel rentals and car and bicycle roadside assistance. The club also donates 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes.



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