Be Good Neighbors To The Wildlife

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An RV is an economical way for our family to travel, but is it environmentally responsible?

Be Good Neighbors To The Wildlife

If they are careful, RVers actually consume less water and electricity than the average household. They have limited space, so they tend to buy only what they need and reuse as much as possible. They also tend to cook with propane, which is one of the cleaner fuels. To be a responsible RVer, treat your natural surroundings the way you would a sensitive neighbor:

  • Start with a fuel efficient vehicle. You can get tips from the first chapter of this book;
  • Don't burn plastic or metal, and keep a pail of water handy in case you need to douse a fire;
  • If you travel with a dog, use biodegradable scoop bags, and don't let your dog run through the woods unsupervised. Supervising your dog ensures his safety and prevents him from digging up another animal's habitat. Don't tie your dog to a tree either because the rope can damage bark;
  • Dump your chemical toilet waste only in designated areas. If you use chemical treatments for the tank, wait until it is full to dump, otherwise you're pouring higher concentrations of chemicals out. Scout out products that use enzymes. They are more eco-friendly waste digesters.



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