Mind Someone Else's Business

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If I can't find someone to swap with, can I mind someone's home?

Mind Someone Else's Business

Housesitting is another good way to save money and resources. Sometimes you even earn money. The other advantage of having a place to yourself is that you can implement eco-friendly practices without interference, as long as they don't permanently alter someone else's home Just keep in mind that you will be expected to take care of the house, the garden, the pets and often the utility bills as well. Here are some tips to help you manage the business:

  • You can get free access to listings at sabbaticalhomes.com. There is a fee if you're the one looking for sitters, and the site is restricted to academics;
  • You can also find worldwide opportunities through housecarers.com, but there is a membership fee;
  • If you're searching specifically for eco-homes in Canada, you can browse http://www.planetfriendly.net/property/prop.php. You'll find a host of opportunities, from people looking to rent out solar homes to gardeners wanting to share the cost of land with like-minded individuals.



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