Get Down To Earth On Organic Farms

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I'd like to get close to local people. Can I stay on a farm instead of a hotel?

Get Down To Earth On Organic Farms

You may think staying on a farm is a healthy, cosy alternative to a hotel, but remember that conventional farming often depends on petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farms provide a greener option. The directory at links you to Bed and Breakfasts all over the world that serve organic produce. These are a few of the highlights:

  • The Okoferie pa landet ( or 45 65 99 13 75) in Denmark: The farmhouse sits peacefully at the end of a private road. For about $45 per person per night, you can enjoy a ground floor apartment that's graced by large, sunny windows overlooking a garden and a playground. Hans Christian Andersen's house is about 15 km away at Odense, and bikes are available for rent to help you make the journey.
  • Azienda Agrituritic Praticino in Tuscany( or 39 0559 149726): The azienda offers eight apartments tucked into two renovated farmhouses. Depending on the season, a week's stay in double occupancy ranges from $400 to $900. The establishment sells organic products, and their restaurant serves local, mountain cuisine. Nearby activities range in intensity from guided trekking in the chestnut woods and mushroom picking to para-gliding and mountain biking.
  • BnBscape Eco-friendly Inns ( provides a directory of establishments all over Canada and the U.S. that strive to keep their impact low, to protect the local environment and to promote environmental and cultural awareness. The directory even lists specifics about the eco- practices of each establishment.



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